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Rhenish Girls' High School believes in a well-rounded and balanced education. Strong extra-curricular involvement, whether cultural, service-oriented or sporting, forms an important part of this balance. Achievement for Service activities is recognised at the annual Cultural and Service Awards evening held in the third term.


Teacher in Charge:  Ms Amy Davids
Chairperson:  Helen Barnard
Deputy Chair:  Priyanka Govender
Meeting:  We organise at least 3 activities every term.
Venue:  Ms Davids's classroom

The Interact Society at Rhenish falls under the youth division of the International Rotary association.  The slogan of the Rotary association "Service above Self" rings true for all Rhenishers and the Interact Society tries to encompass this motto in the heart of our school by being involved in community projects throughout the year. Our activities range from playing with children in disadvantaged areas to helping at cycle races in and around Stellenbosch.  We believe that service begins at home and we help out at school and sports events.  We strive to create "Fellowship through Service".

Cancer Society

Teacher in Charge:  Ms Ellen Fourie
Chairperson:  Solei Barbeitos
Meeting Time:  Dependent on current projects.  Watch boards and announcements
Venue:  Consumer Classroom

The Cancer Society aims to create awareness about this disease and the impact it has on the people who suffer from it as well as on their loved ones.  We also try to raise funds for the Mariette Loots Cancer Society Trust through creative fund raising initiatives throughout the year.  Mariette Loots was diagnosed with cancer, which she later succombed to, and when she was in remission, she approached schools to help raise funds for children with cancer.  The trust is manned by volunteers and the Cancer Society at Rhenish directs its activities at supporting this trust.


Animal Welfare

Teacher in Charge:  Mrs Minda Joubert
Chairperson:  Alison Delport
Deputy Chair:  Tamryn van Rooyen

Meeting Time:  As and when needed, this is determined by the projects in which we are involved.
Venue:  Mrs Joubert's Classroom A04

The Animal Welfare Society strives to encourage Rhenishers to become involved in Animal Welfare.  We organise outings to the Stellenbosch Animal Welfare and we organise fundraising events to raise money for this organisation that goes towards the costs of feeding the animals there.


Kayamandi Creche

Teacher in Charge:  Ms Linnaea Vlok
Meeting Time:  Week Afternoons - dependent on transport
Venue:  Sibongomusa Creche

Rhenishers began their involvement at the Sibogomusa Creche in Kayamandi in 2010.  Our aim is to help improve the facilities at the creche and to share love and happiness with the children who attend the creche.  The girls from the society visit the creche on a weekly basis and we run a number of fun projects throughout the year aimed at raising funds for projects identified by the creche or aimed at creating fun activities for the children.


Teacher in Charge:  Mrs Elizabeth Keyser
Chairperson:  Chelsea Bird
Vice Chair:  Moya Smith

Meeting Time:  As determined by ongoing projects - check the notice board outside D14
Venue:  D14

RHECO is the Eco and Recycling society at Rhenish.  Our responsibilities include the efficient recycling of paper-waste generated at the school and spreading awareness about climate change and environmental degradation, as well as involving Rhenishers in projects that clean up our community.

Tech Team

Teacher in Charge:  Mrs Elmarie Mouton
Chairperson:  Rahma Darries
Meeting Time:  Every day, whenever required
Venue:  Old Hall

We cater to all sound and lighting needs of the school from assemblies and sports events to cultural functions.  Some tech knowledge is a bonus but an interest in sound and sound engineering is invaluable.  The tech team is a vital part of the school and they serve many hours behind the scenes at awards evenings, Music Department performances, drama practicals and a host of other functions.  Commitment and Service go hand-in-hand in the tech team.

First Aid

Teacher in Charge:  Ms Karien Viljoen
Chairperson:  Estelle Hislop
Deputy Chair: Moya Smith

Meeting Time:  As directed by events
Venue:  Ms Viljoen's Classroom (B01)

First Aid is a service club the promotes Rhenish as a centre of Excellence.  The First Aiders are on hand at sports events - particularly in the winter season - to assist with scrapes, breaks and other medical crisises.  The girls are all accredited - they do courses (Level 1 - 3) during the April school holidays where they are exposed to the technical knowledge they will require and they get the 'hands on' experience that equips them for this service.


Teacher in Charge:  Mrs Arzul
When: The librarians work on a duty roster system during both breaks.
Venue: The Library

The Rhenish library is often a hive of activity and, especially in winter, a warm place to work or read in relative quiet surrounded by books and like-minded people.  Learners can catch up on homework, do research (in books or on the computers), work on projects or simply sit and read.  

The librarians issue and taken in returned books during breaks and generally ensure that the library and the shelves are tidy and in order.  The accessioning and covering of books is done after school on a voluntary basis.  The library is a highly functioning organ of the Rhenish body.

President's Award

Teacher in Charge:  Mrs Elizabeth Keyser
Meeting:  We meet when required to arrange activities
Venue: Mrs Keyser's classroom, D14

The President’s Award is an international award system promoting hard work and commitment. This programme aims to encourage learners to work continuously to achieve set goals, from skills, culture, sport and adventurous journeys. The girls benefit personally by achieving this award (the award is recognised at all universities)and they grow as individuals within their community by doing different types of community service programmes.

Learners can achieve Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards and Rhenish is very proud of their first Gold Award recipient, Ash Rutherford, who pioneered the programme at the school.

The President’s Award programme aims to empower young learners, by providing a balanced, non-competitive framework for self-development that will increase their self-esteem and enhance their capacity to achieve in whatever context they find themselves: enabling them to become responsible active learners within their communities.

God Loves You (GLU)

Teacher in Charge:  Mrs Christelle Pretorius
Chairperson:  Belinah Qoaka
Deputy Chair: Gamu Nyabereka

Meeting Time:  Every Thursday at 2nd break
Venue:  Old Hall

GLU stands for God Loves U and it provides an opportunity for learners to live out their faith here at Rhenish.


Teacher in Charge:  Mrs Elizabeth Keyser
 Mrs Keyser's Classroom D14

The Camping Hiking and Outdoor Society (CHAOS) tries to arrange a number of hikes throughout the year.  This is often impacted on by the weather and other sporting commitments but, when these allow, we arrange over night hikes or some shorter day hikes.

CHAOS aims to encourage outdoor recreation and to promote low impact and safe healthy physical activities.


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