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Learner Council

Learner Council


  • To assist in promoting Rhenish’s core values of Excellence, Compassion, Accountability, Integrity and Diversity.
  • To promote enthusiasm and spirit within the school in all areas.
  • To maintain a high standard of behaviour and conduct and to wear the LC badge with pride by being a role model to the learners.


  • To liaise and work co-operatively with the Rhenish staff and the other leaders within the school.
  • To care for the welfare of all learners by representing their interests in each grade and to liaise concerns, ideas and suggestions to the Learner Council and the liaison teachers.
  • To promote good relations and communications within the school.
  • To promote school spirit, to encourage all round involvement in the school and in community projects.
  • To initiate and drive projects aimed at enriching the lives of all Rhenishers (Valentine’s Day celebrations, Christmas boxes for the ground staff, welcoming guests at official school functions, Grade 8 orientation, ROGU functions).
  • To obey the school rules in their entirety and without question.
  • To take an active part in school affairs and lead others by example.
  • To take an active part in school functions, helping and organising whenever the learner is asked.
  • To represent the school at any public function when asked.
  • To help new learners in their first year, especially during their introduction to the school.
  • To assist visitors to school at all times by being polite, friendly and courteous.
  • To be helpful, courteous and friendly to all staff.

Qualities Required

  • School loyalty, discretion and integrity.
  • Leadership, responsibility and accountability.
  • Initiative, the ability to delegate and to work as part of a team.
  • Ability to see tasks through to completion.
  • Communication skills: the ability to relate to learners, staff, parents and to speak in public.
  • A concern for the welfare of others.
  • A demonstrated interest and involvement in school life.
  • Humility and the ability to put the school above self.
  • Good school attendance is required.

Election Process

  • Any learner is eligible for nomination to the Learner Council.
  • A learner can be excluded from nomination at the discretion of the Principal if:
    • She has been in detention more than once during the year in which she is nominated.
    • She has not contributed to the school extra-murally in some capacity during the year in which she is nominated.
    • She does not achieve a 55% aggregate or above throughout her Senior Phase. In addition, in Grade 11 there may be no subject failures and / or  two or more subjects below 40%.
    • A learner is proposed, on a Nomination Form, by one of her peers and she has to accept the nomination.
    • Names of nominees are placed on a ballot form (Grade 8 – Grade 10) and voted for by their peers.
    • Grade 11 nominees have to complete the “Personal Profile” form which is made available for all to view prior to voting.
    • Grade 11 LC members are voted for by Grade 11 learners as well as the staff.
    • Learner Council members must sign a code of conduct that stipulates that their behaviour must be beyond reproach during their term of office as members of the Learner Council.

The Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl are voted for by the Learner Council, Principal, Deputy Principals, the teacher liaisons in charge of the Learner Council and the serving Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl.

Learner Council 2017/2018

A list of the Learner Council members and their portfolios

Kelly Viljoen

Head Girl

Kelly values loyalty and support in a friend.  She values a leader who tries to make everyone feel important and valued and she believes that people need to feel passionate about what they are doing; that leaders should do their best to make tasks and work enjoyable.  Kelly sees adversity as an opportunity to learn and to improve.

Oratiloe Mokoena

Deputy Head Girl

Ora admires people who are able to be vulnerable.  People who are honest, especially about themselves and their own shortcomings.  She is one of the first to admit that neither she nor many of her friends ‘have it all together’.  A quality she looks for in a leader is compassion as it forces you to put yourself in the shoes of another person, to put yourself in their situation.  Adversity has taught Ora the value of love – self love, the love of others and the love of what you are doing.  “… what is done in love, is done well.”

Cleo Appies

Liaison, Spirit

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal:  it is the courage to continue that counts.” 
It is in this light that Cleo regards failure.  She also believes that an influential leader should try to achieve success that is both final and eternal.  Cleo admires leaders who use their success and title to help others to achieve success.  A leader who Cleo believes fulfills this quality perfectly is her mother.  “Although my mother is not a world leader, she has been the most influential leader in my life and has helped me reach my full potential and reach my ideal of what success is.  She has put my needs before her own and I have an indescribable amount of respect for her.”  These qualities of selfless loyalty are also the qualities that Cleo values in a friend.

Danielle Combrink

Discipline, Academic

Danielle values reliability and optimism in her friendships.  She likes to be surrounded by likeminded people who share the same values and also strive for excellence.  Trustworthiness is important to Danielle as is integrity and knowing that her friends will not take short corners or slack off.  A trait that she values in leaders is humility.  Leaders are, for her, the greatest of servers and she respects leaders who empathise and socialize with everyone irrespective of their background.
Danielle has learnt that sometimes, it is okay not to be okay.  She has always seen herself as strong and tough, but personal difficulties have taught her that at times we all struggle and suffer and it is okay.  As long as you keep fighting and keep getting back up every time you get knocked down.

Alexa de Villiers


Alexa appreciates authentic, trustworthy, non-judgemental, supportive and dependable relationships.  This means that each of her friendships is unique, exciting and positive.
Alexa believes that leadership should be service based and that a leader should constantly ask herself how her actions can be of benefit to others.  The most important quality of a leader is that they should not put themselves above others but should be passionate about building more leaders.
Faced with adversity or disappointment, Alexa finds strength in two things.  Firstly, in her Faith which she believes has made her the strong person she is and secondly her inherently positive outlook means that – even in difficult times – Alexa ‘counts her blessings’ or remembers all of the things for which she has to be grateful and is therefore able to move through a disappointment.

Jordan Dowd

Community Service

In a friend, Jordan values self-respect and people who are straightforward, honest and candid.  She finds it very frustrating when people are less than direct or vague about their intentions.  In her view, a leader is someone who can balance being assertive AND being nurturing – depending on the situation.  A leader who epitomizes this for Jordan is Barack Obama who she believes is passionate about his country and its citizens but is also a father figure and is able to provide a guiding hand when necessary.
Jordan is a passionate sportswoman who was diagnosed with exercise-induced asthma.  This has thwarted many of her sporting ambitions but through the difficulties she has experienced as a result she has learnt that she cannot let negative experiences hold her back from trying her best.  “Sometimes, you just have to grow through what you go through”.

Mikayla Eagles

Buildings, Grounds and Safety

“Your attitude towards a challenge often determines how successful the outcome is” – or “Your attitude determines your altitude”.  These are words Mikayla believes in and she believes they are core to a strong and successful leader. 
The leader in whom she sees and admires these qualities is her father – he overcomes any challenges put in his way and puts the needs of others before himself.  “He has taught me many lessons, one being that your independence is very important when aspiring to be successful and it is something only you can control.” 
Mikayla believes that a positive mindset and the right support from others will help you overcome any challenge and thus what she values most in a friendship is the ability to encourage and support others.

Zoe Goff

Treasurer, Internal Grade 12

Zoë admires loyalty and trustworthiness in her friends.  She chooses to surround herself with people who are open and not quick to judge.  In a leader, Zoë admires empathy and kindness.  “Kindness from the leaders at Rhenish is something that has come a long way for me across my high school career and something I will always cherish.”  It is also why Zoë admires Ann Frank who, despite everything that happened to her is able to write in the closing lines of her diary, “Despite everything, I believe people are good at heart.”
For Zoë, perseverance is key when faced with adversity.  It also helps to have other like-minded people to support and encourage you, but, most of all, Zoë believes that you need to set goals and have hope if you want to be successful in anything you do.

Skyler Hendricks

Liaison, Spirit

“A good friend sticks around through the laughs and the dark days”.  For Skyler, an important quality of friendship is support – through the good AND through the bad times.  She believes that it is easy to be there for someone when they are at their best, but true friendship shines through when you are able to support someone when they are at their worst.

Skyler feels that a leader should use her position to inspire others to be leaders too – thus, to produce more leaders, not followers.  For this reason, the leaders she finds the most inspiring are her grandparents (who are also her best friends).  Skyler can talk to her grandparents about any situation in which she finds herself and they will share their wisdom and experiences with her

Megan Hirst


Megan’s friends are people who offer support and a willingness to listen, to offer help and advice.  They are also people who respect boundaries – as an introverted extrovert, Megan loves being surrounded by friends and family but she also enjoys time on her own and her friends know and respect this. 
In a leader Megan looks not so much for an ability to lead, but for the willingness to serve.  “… service is one of the most important qualities to possess and it is something I try to live by”.    Megan feels very strongly that leaders must lead for the right reason – to serve – and not for personal gain.
In the face of adversity Megan turns to God whom she believes gets her through difficult times and helps her live life optimistically.

Cailin Joubert


Cailin looks for loyalty, honesty and selflessness in her friends.  She believes that a loyal friend will stick with you through thick and thin, will support you no matter what.
A leadership quality that Cailin prizes is integrity – doing the right thing even when no-one is watching.  Sadly, Cailin feels that in today’s world integrity is often forgotten and she thinks we should strive towards having leaders who are more honest; leaders who have moral principles that people can admire and look up to;  leaders who are role models.  One such leader for Cailin is Michelle Obama.  She “… exemplifies excellence in nearly everything she does, be it being a mom or giving inspirational speeches or empowering women around the world.”
“A bad day is not a bad life” For Cailin, your attitude towards failure will determine whether or not you rise above it.  “You can see it as negative and you can be upset about it or you can turn it around and see it as a stepping stone forward to where you want to be in life.”

Kelly Kietzman

Buildings, Grounds and Safety

Kelly believes that – in the face of adversity – persistence is key.  There is no substitute for hard work and only a positive attitude will get you through.  Kelly lives by the words “the glass is never half empty, but half full”.
In a friend – as in a leader – Kelly looks for honesty, loyalty and authenticity and she is inspired when she sees a leader who genuinely has the best interest of the people at heart.

Brittany Kock


Loyalty and a willingness to help are traits that Brittany values in a friend.  Our friends see us at both our best and at our worst, they shape our personality to some extent and they help to keep us motivated.  While there are many characteristics that are important in a leader, what stands out for Brittany are persistence and perseverance.  They are also the reason why she admires 19th Century activist Margaret Fuller who played a big role in changing perceptions about men and women.  Brittany lives by the quote, “nevertheless she persisted” – it is importat that she tries new things and thinks of new ways to improve situations around her.  When she fails she moves forward knowing that encountering major setbacks is part of life and , nevertheless, she will persist.

Palesa Makena


Traits Palesa values in a friend are optimism in the face of adversity, and the ability to see the humorous side in every situation. As a leader, one has to be competent, trustworthy and have integrity. Vision and the ability to inspire others is also important. A public figure she admires is 21 year-old American actress and musician Zendaya Coleman. In an industry where one's values and priorities can truly be swayed, she has  proven to be  humble and hard-working and uses her fame to address social stereotypes and prejudices, and is also known for preaching messages of self-love  and positivity to her fans.
While Palesa knows that failure is not pleasant to go through, she believes that it shows you who is there to support you in your toughest times and gives you the perspective to re-evaluate what you  truly want to achieve.

Yvonne Makwara

Secretary, Community Service

A personality trait Yvonne values in a friend is intellectual depth, when people are able to look beyond the physical appearance of something to magnify the spectrums in between the black and white values society has taught them to believe in.
A quality that, for Yvonne, is the defining factor of a true leader is humility and the ability to serve others above yourself.
Someone Yvonne admires is Rupi Kaur, an Indian-born poet based in Canada. She is the author of poetry anthology, ''Milk and Honey''. Yvonne admires her unique ability to put the thoughts and experiences of women around the world into words. She uses common words to make uncommon statements. Rupi is incredibly gifted in the way in which she weaves different words into haikus which something unique to every person that reads the.
Through running Yvonne has learnt to bring an element of control to her life when there are situations over which she doesn’t seem to have control.  “Running has taught me that your mind is quite possibly THE most important element of control that you have. The power of your mind can aid you in overcoming fears, ending bad habits and doing more than you think your body can take. Running has taught me not to allow my mind to control my body, but my body to control my mind.”

Tessa Malan


Tessa has a lot of respect for honest and loyal people and she genuinely admire leaders who can take charge in a difficult situation, but can also step back and give others a chance to lead, even if it means missing out on the spotlight.
She has a lot of respect for Elon Musk. Despite an extremely challenging youth, he is changing the world with the most innovative inventions and he doesn't care what others think of him. A lot of people, and she includes herself among these, should take a leaf or two out of his book from time to time.
“One of the most valuable lessons that I've learned more than once is how important it is to listen to others and make sure you understand exactly what they mean and where they're coming from, before judging. Some respect and understanding can go a long way.”

Mandisa Ngabaza

External, Internal Grade 12

One thing Mandy values the most in a friend is someone who listens and someone you can trust.  As a Rhenisher and a hostel girl, Mandy has learnt that friendship is just as important as family. 
Mandy believes that these traits are just as important in a leader and can help a person to becoming a great leader. “My father has always been one of my many role models and when growing up he always told me that ‘talk is cheap’. Staying true to your word and your promises is very important and it shows that you are reliable and trustworthy.”
Through adversity, Mandy has learnt that the road to success is a long and difficult one with many trials and tribulations but the important thing is always to keep focused and never to give up.  Ultimately, you will get you to where you want to go.

Erin Swarts

Internal Grade 8

A quality Erin values most in a friend is authenticity.  She believes that it is important to be genuine and in doing so others will be authentic too.
Humility in a leader is admirable and Erin believes it is difficult to remain humble when you are at the top.  However, humility makes a person more relatable, approachable and worthy of respect. “A good example of this is Princess Diana, she was in a position of influence and chose to spend her time giving back to people and humbling herself.”
Through adversity Erin has learnt gratitude – even when you do not achieve you desired goals you must be grateful for what you have already achieved.  You will have another chance.

Ah-Young Moon

Internal Grade 9

Ah-Young respects people who make wise decisions and who put the needs of others first.  People who are kind and supportive of others.  In a leader, she admires someone who is hard working and mindful of the advice of others.
Ah-Young admires Korean naval commander Admiral Lee Sun-Shin who defeated over 300 Japanese ships with only 13 ships through wise planning, sound decision making and never giving up even when the odds seemed stacked against him.
Ah-Young believes that everything counts and one should not take anything for granted – she learnt this the hard way when she underestimated the importance of an oral for which she did not properly prepare and therefore performed poorly in.  “No matter how big or small, I have to do my very best for everything and keep on trying till the very end”

Zethu Mavovana


Loyalty and trustworthiness are valued in a friend by Zethu.  She also believes that your friends will motivate, love and support you.
The greatest quality in a leader is the ability to lead by example in all aspects of their lives. This is something Zethu acknowledges that she struggles with as she sometimes forgets that the people she is leading are also watching. She admires leaders who admit when they are in the wrong, are trustworthy, have the ability to also lead from the back of the pack and have the interest of others at heart. The leader she looks up to is Barack Obama who is, in her eyes, a phenomenal leader who was fair and loyal to his country, was positively influential to many people world wide, showed great humility and was interested in the well-being of others. “I have great respect for Barack Obama as he never thought of himself as better than anybody else and never abused the power of his position as many leaders do today.”
Important lessons that Zethu has learnt are that you can't always please other people in everything that you do in order to gain their favour;  the best thing you can do is be yourself and, finally, do not give up on your dreams as you'll never know how far your dreams could've taken you.

Amy October

Internal Grade 9

The personality trait that Amy values most in a friend is respect – she believes that every other value falls under respect as well. In a leader she believes it is important that they are trustworthy and reliable, they must have one another’s backs. They must be able to rely on one another and trust that the job will be done correctly.
Amy’s role models are her parents. They have taught her that anything is possible if you persevere in pursuing your dreams.  “They've shown me that it is okay to make mistakes, because they have had their ups and downs along the way too, but you keep focused on your goals.”
A serious sports injury – a fractured ankle – kept Amy off the hockey field for two years and she initially found it very difficult to come back from this disappointment.  However, with encouragement, help and the desire to play competitively again, Amy was able to work consistently towards her goa.  Amy learnt from this that even though you will encounter setbacks, it is important not to give up on your dreams.

Mari Stofberg

Communication, Internal Grade 9

“A friend is someone who allows you to reach your full potential and allows you to really express who you are.”
In a leader, Mari looks for someone with a strong value system, with the ability to listen to opposing opinions.
Mari admires Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani activist for female education and the youngest-ever Nobel prize winner. As a child she became an activist and because of that the Taliban issued a death threat against her. When she was 15 years old she was shot in the head by a Taliban gunman but survived to become this incredible person that she is. “I have learnt that through failure a person becomes a better and stronger person who is willing to work even harder than before to show what they are made of.”

Andrea Cornelissen

Internal Grade 10

The traits that Andrea most values in a friend would be honesty and authenticity.  Andrea seeks the company of people who will celebrate your differences and provide support unconditionally, “something that stands out to me in a person , is when they have complete confidence in themselves and their abilities. I try to surround myself with people like this because in this way they motivate me to be confident in my own abilities.”  Andrea believes that failure in life is inevitable and that when faced with a failure, one should just get back up and work harder to be the best version of yourself.

Madison Pakulski-Kirsten


Understanding or compassion is something that Madison finds appealing in friendship.  Someone who understands your sense of humour, your emotions, your problems … they get you.   In a leader, she values authenticity – when someone is true to themselves and true to others.  When they show up and are real.  Madison admires the character Chris Gardner from the movie “The Pursuit of Happyness” because he teaches us the importance of having ‘heart’ in what you do and that the option of giving up is not ‘available’.

For Madison, failure is not an option.  When she has experienced the feeling of failure she realized she did not want to feel that way again.  While it was difficult to find the motivation to carry on, she stopped feeling sorry for herself, grew the DESIRE to get where she WANTED to be and then got on with the work of achieving her goals.

Rachel Uys

Internal Grade 10

Rachel values integrity in her friends because it is not always the easiest thing to do the right thing even when people are not watching.  “I also admire when people stay true to themselves and don't change depending on who they are around.”
In a leader, Rachel appreciates and respects perseverance – the ability to keep on going even when the times get rough is a great trait to have in a leader. “When you have 2 tests the next day, and something due for every other day and you are running on minimal sleep, it's hard to stay positive and keep going, but a leader will push on.”
A person she respects is Cara Deleveine because she is not afraid to be herself and to speak her mind, she is an inspiration and works with so many charities. “What I have learnt through failure is that things are not going to be easy, and they won't just get handed to you on a silver platter. You have to work and keep working until you get what you want, but it is important to not step on anyone when you try to reach your goals.”

Piya Igwe

Internal Grade 11

Honesty and humour are two qualities Piya values in a friend and she loves creating humour out of essentially mundane events.
In a leader Piya admires the ability to listen and one of her biggest role models is Robert Sobukwe.  From educating himself at a young age to the contribution he made to South Africa - she believes that every aspect of the life he led is admirable.
Piya has adapted the quote from Dead Poet’s Society “Carpe Die.  Sieze the day. Make your life extraordinary.”  She believes that failure is a milestone and that in every experience there is a valuable lesson to be learnt.  “Essentially, failure is necessary for progress.”

Khanyisa Nkuna

Internal Grade 11, Sport

Khanyisa values a friend’s ability to make time for the important things, to prioritise.  In a leader, she admires persistence – the decision to keep moving forward when things become difficult, when it would be easier to throw in the towel.  Zendaya Coleman is one of many influential people whom she regards as a role model.  Khanyisa respects the way she carries herself with confidence. “No one is perfect and one thing I've learned through my own adversities is that I'm capable of so much more and I can always come back from (adversity) - better than I was before.”

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