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Andrea Cornellisen

Honesty and authenticity are two things I value most in a friendship. I love being surrounded by like-minded people who share the same values as I have. In this way you are able to motivate and be motivated and inspired by the people around you to achieve to the best of your ability.

I think the most important qualities in a leader are staying true to yourself and who you are, knowing what you have to offer and leading with grace and authenticity.

"Acknowledging you have areas to work on is not an admission of failure; it is an admission that you have more potential." - Carrie Cheadle. These words by Carrie Cheadle speak volumes and are important to remember when faced with adversity or failure. A key lesson that I've learnt from failure is that failure does not define you. What defines you is the way you rise and persevere after being faced with failure. Above all else, failure teaches us that with confidence in your own abilities and a strong sense of determination anything is possible.

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