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Athletics - 4th Term 2016

A round-up of news of our athletes for the term ...

This season’s athletics kicked off with the Strand High School relay meeting on 23 September.  As the name suggests, it was a meeting consisting of various relays.  We performed very well at this meeting.  The highlight for the girls was when we combined with Paul Roos for the final event – the mass relay – and finished second.

The next meeting took place on Friday, 21 October at Coetzenburg.  This was the Paul Roos/ Maties Athletics meeting.  The following girls performed excellently at this event:

Amber Abrahams              SP                /17              1st
Andrea Cornelissen           LJ                /14              1st
Emma Ritter                     400              /14              1st
Ana Sampson                   1 500           /16              1st
Zethu Mavovana               TJ                /15              1st
Tatum Hendricks               TJ                /16              1st
Kian-Lee du Toit               PV               /15              1st
Andrea Cornelissen           100              /14              2nd
Gabriella Ludick                200              /15              2nd
Gabriella Ludick                400              /15              2nd
Danielle Combrinck           400              /16              2nd
Ana Sampson                   800              /16              3rd
Jessica McHugh                LJ                /16              3rd
Sophia Joubert                 JT                /14              3rd
Madison Pakulski-Kirsten    LJ           /14              3rd
Jemima Kuzamunu             HJ             /16              4th
Kian-Lee du Toit               100              /15              4th
Cleopatra Kleinschmidt   DT               /16              5th
Shanice Theunissen        100              /15              5th
Emma Ricketts                100              /14              5th
Isa Klaassen                     800              /16              5th
Kaylynne Moore                100H            /16              5th
Micaela Beaton                 1 500           /15              5th
Tatum Hendricks               LJ                /16              5th

The following weekend we went off to Moorreesburg for the Top Ten Meeting at Dirkie Uys High School.  Forty schools took part in this event and we finished in the 11th place.

The following girls excelled:

Tatum Hendricks               TJ                /16              1st
Jessica McHugh                LJ                /16              1st
Andrea Cornelissen           LJ                /14              1st Set a new record
Jessica McHugh                100              /16               2nd
Amy Roux                        SP                /16              2nd
Gabriella Ludick                100              /15              2nd
Gabriella Ludick                200              /15              2nd
Gabriella Ludick                400              /15              3rd Bettered old record
Annabelle Matthews          100              /15              3rd

On Friday, 4 November, we had our new Inter Schools meeting – called the 3G Meeting.  We hosted St. Cyprians and Wynberg Girls’ High School at Coetzenburg.  The girls were very excited about the meeting and a group of cheering supporters motivated them to do their best.

The final results were as follows:

RGHS -        89
SCS    -        86
WG     -        46

RGHS -        91
SCS    -        80
WG     -        51

RGHS -        87
SCS    -        66
WG     -        67

RGHS -        267
SCS    -        232
WG     -        164

Andrea Cornelissen won the medal for the best /14 track and field athlete.  Jazz Mallam won the medal for the best /15 field athlete and Amber Abrahams won the medal for the best /17 field athlete.

Hopefully this is going to become an annual event.  We look forward to going to Green Point Stadium next year.

There will be no Inter House meeting next year as Coetzenburg is not available for the whole of 2017.  Markotter is also not available.  Trials for the 4M team will be held during the second week of the new school year so girls need to follow training programmes and stay fit.

Mr P. van der Hoven

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