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Learner Support Unit

We are fortunate at Rhenish to have a well-established Learner Support Unit (LSU). The LSU was established at Rhenish over 8 years ago when the growing need to support learners academically and emotionally became a pressing issue.

The LSU aims to provide all round support (mostly in the form of emotional and academic support) to ensure our girls reach their optimum potential while at Rhenish.

The LSU has grown tremendously over the years and it has adapted and transformed in unique ways to meet the ever-changing needs of our learners.

Emotional Support

Teenagers experience tremendous challenges and our girls are not spared the heartaches and pains of growing up in this age.  Emotional support continues to be on offer from Ms Conchar, our Educational Psychologist and Ms Byrne, our school Counsellor.. The emotional support available to our learners aims not only to provide a confidential, safe space for counselling/therapy during difficult times, but also to empower and equip our girls with the skills necessary for dealing with the outside world. Personal growth and development are therefore a central focus of the emotional support we offer.

Academic Support

Not only do we only help learners who are “struggling” academically, but the unit has become more of an enrichment centre which offer skills that everyone can use to improve by a percentage or two, to enhance her performance and to be better prepared for the world of work when she leaves at the end of matric.

Time-management, study methods, reading and writing skills and note-making are some of the soft skills that are taught individually, in small groups or in regular classes called, ‘s Cool Skills, for Grade 8 and 9 learners. Peer tutoring and group work have become trusted forms of assistance and have given the Rhenish learners unique opportunities to show that they care, this being one of the trademarks of the school.

A homework centre that is open until 4pm on most days of the week, provides a perfect home-from-home base where learners can work on a Maths or reading programme, receive assistance or offer help to another learner. Research can be done and learners can viewing their finished product, provided they have printing credits.


Assistance is given to learners who have been identified as possibly having some form of a learning barrier, such as a reading problem, dyslexia or any other learning barrier identified by the WCED as a possible reason for a concession during tests and examinations to ensure that the learner is not disadvantaged.

A very detailed process according to specifications from the Department is followed. The following requirements should be adhered to in the case of a suspected learning difficulty:

  • Outside professional assessment/report
  • Collateral information proving history of the difficulty
  • Completed documentation (provided by the school)
  • Proof of previous intervention



Emotional and academic support is available to all our learners. Learners are welcome to make an appointment to see one of the support professionals, either by coming past their offices, or leaving an appointment request in the locked post-box outside their offices. Alternatively, learners and parents are welcome to email on lauren.conchar@rhenish.co.za or christelle.pretorius@rhenish.co.za; or parents may phone the school and leave a message for one of these educational professionals.

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