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In January 2015 Rhenish Girls' High School opened their new astro - the Letitia Snyman Astro.  The astro is named for a past Principal who was a keen hockey player and had initiated early plans towards this astro while she was still Principal.

The Letitia Snyman Astro forms an integral part of the Astro Hub and "Sport Corridor" created in association with the Stellenbosch Sports Institute (SAS) and Bloemhof to attract hockey teams, sports men and women from all over the world.

The astro has long been a dream for Rhenish and for all our hockey players.  With this multi-purpose, all-weather surface, the astro can be used all year round.  Hockey training can take place throughout the summer months and the girls can participate in the summer leagues in preparation for the hockey season.  With the astro, all levels of hockey at Rhenish are developed, ensuring that Rhenish remains competitive in girls' school hockey.

The addition of the astro is also part of the school's commitment to ensuring that we have top class facilities for use by our girls and by our community.  Through the rental of our astro to our two adjacent primary schools and other schools in the Stellenbosch area, Rhenish Girls' High is also strengthening its ties with the community.

How to get involved in the Astro


Everyone – past pupils, parents, Friends of Rhenish, aunties, uncles, grandparents, sports enthusiasts and corporates – who wants a stake in the future, who desires a visible return on an investment, can become part of Rhenish Girls’ High School, the oldest girls’ school in South Africa.

1. Purchase of Astro Plots
Sections of the Astro (½ m² blocks) can be purchased – single or multiple blocks. Donations of this nature will be recognized on a ‘Owners’ Board’ at the Astro field as well as on the Rhenish Girls' High website.

2. Advertising and Corporate Sponsorships
A limited number of opportunities are available to advertise on display panels around the Astro. Advertisements will be viewed repeatedly by parents, players and visitors to the school. This is a cost effective opportunity to advertise and align your company with this worthy venture and make a difference to the lives of tomorrow’s youth.

Tax deductible – donations to the Astro fund will qualify for a tax deduction (issued on request).

Plot Purchases to Date

Rhenish is grateful to the following for the purchase of:

Goal Keeping Plots:  Moya Smith

Penalty Spots:  Helen Taylor, Kathleen Taylor

The Centre Spot:  PWC

Short Corners:  Tinyiko and Josephine Knappe, Diana Marnewick (Right Hand Side), Natasha Marnewick (Right Hand Side), Nicola Schlusche

Long Corner:  Nikki and Rosanne Lombard, Tessa Malan, Sian Wolfaardt and Simonsberg Electrical

Top D:  Sian Wolfaardt, Albertyn Family (x2), Catherine and Mary-Anne Bigalke (x4), Amelia and Jessica Kinghorn, Roux Family Trust (x4), Lara Stevens (x2), Ash Loxton, the Robb Family

General Field Plots:

  • Class of 1997 (48)
  • Anonymous, "Astro/J" (2)
  • Bartsch, Monique (2)
  • Bartsch, Nicole (2)
  • Beaton, Michaela (2)
  • Blows, Nicole (3)
  • Brynard, Ineke (1)
  • Brynard, Shani (1)
  • Burns, Juliet and Lila (2)
  • Chapman, Chelsea (12)
  • Chemaly Family (10)
  • Collins, Jean (Old Girl) (1)
  • Currie, Louise (1)
  • De Franchi, Gabriella (1)
  • De Villiers, Dawie and Suzaan (10)
  • Dalton Family (4)
  • Du Toit, Sam-Jamie (1)
  • E-Tech Software Solutions (Pty) Ltd (4)
  • Farrell, Katelyn (1)
  • Greggor, Megan (1)
  • Hiddleston, Laura (2)
  • Hobbs, Adrianne (1)
  • Hobbs, Ann (1)
  • Hobbs, Erin (1)
  • Hobbs, Georgia (1)
  • Hobbs, Grace (1)
  • Hobbs, Lilly (1)
  • Hobson, Amy-Lee (3)
  • Hobson, Stephen and Lizl (4)
  • Hobson, Suzaan (3)
  • Hogg, Kelly (2)
  • Hogg, Jessica (2)
  • Holtmann, Annette (1988) (2)
  • Husband-Mitchell, Philippa (1)
  • Huysamer, Yvonne (10)
  • Hyland, Elaine (1)
  • Jacobs, Cassidy (2)
  • Jacobs, Raegan (2)
  • Kelbrick, Mia (4)
  • Kitching, Bianca (2)
  • Kitching, Natalie (2)
  • Leach, Rachel (4)
  • Malan, Tessa, Jeanneke and Monique (4)
  • McMaster, Erin (2)
  • Mitchell, Karen (1)
  • Muir, Kirsten AND Xukan, Fei-fei (1)
  • Newman Family (2)
  • Orgovanyi, Emily (2)
  • Ritter, Emma (1)
  • Rutherford, Ash (4)
  • Seele, Monique (4)
  • Slabber, Helmien (4)
  • Slater, Kelly (4)
  • Slater, Tegan (4)
  • Snyman, Letitia (4)
  • Uys, Johan (1)
  • Viljoen, Oriole (8)
  • Walker, Jenna (2)
  • Walker, Leanne (2)
  • Watson (Markham), Diane (1)
  • Weidemann, Inge (10)
  • Weidemann, Kayla-Ann (10)
  • Weidemann, Simone (10)


Rhenish Girls’ High would like to thank our advertisers at our Astro - we appreciate your continued support.





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