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Ms Angela Sarga - Deputy Principal

As a Deputy Principal, Ms Sarga has many varied areas of responsibility.  She oversees the administration system, she manages day-to-day discipline, including but not limited to adherance to the uniform code and the School Code of Conduct and she has a huge pastoral role.  Ms Sarga is also the Superintendent of the Rhenish Hostel.  She looks after the girls' physical and emotional well-being, ensuring that they are integrated fully into the hostel and that they get maximum benefit out of their 'home-away-from-home'.  That they feel loved, secure and safe within the boundaries created in the Hostel so that they develop into well-rounded young women.

Ms Sarga has a Bachelor of Commerce Degree which she completed before doing her Diploma in Education.  Education was her ultimate destination, however, and Ms Sarga believes that in order for learners to learn, they and their teachers need to be excited about what they are doing.  Passion and enthusiasm for your subject or area of interest conveys the educational message that ultimately leads to the development of a well-rounded individual.

Outside of school, Ms Sarga is a horse riding enthusiast and when she is not mucking out her horse's stall, she loves to visit the theatre and to travel.  

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