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Blanket Assembly 2018

Of all the Rhenish Community Projects, this one must be the one closest to the Rhenish spirit of community. The Blanket Assembly held on Friday 17 August is the culmination of work done by the girls, their families and the extended Rhenish community.

It starts with the knitting of simple squares which turn into beautiful, warm blankets. The community organisations that received blankets were present to tell the girls a little more about where and how their blankets would be utilised and then the girls had the opportunity to showcase their blankets in a 'fashion procession'.

Speaking at the assembly, Ms Tarryn Harbour (English teacher and passionate knitter) thanked all the girls, teachers, mothers, aunts, grannies and random outsiders (not connected directly to the Rhenish community) for the effort they had put into making the squares to make the blankets that make this project possible.

“Knitting is not just a way to pass the time after completing an exam or to keep one’s hands busy while watching TV,”  said Ms Harbour.  She went on to encourage everyone to embrace the idea that “If I’m sitting, I’m knitting.”

When we knit for others, especially for those less fortunate than ourselves, each stitch is an act of love.  We put our resources, time and skill into giving to others and love is poured into each and every square.  “When these blankets are given away,” explained Ms Harbour, “we are literally doing as the song says and ‘filling the world with love’”.

Ms Harbour compared Rhenish to a blanket of knitted squares sewn together.  “We’re not perfect;  we’re different colours, shapes and sizes.  We may not always get along with or like everyone, but when we co-operate and pull together, with a little bit of give and take, here and there, we make a beautiful, useful blanket.”

Ms Harbour’s closing words were not only a comment on the project, but wise words on how our knitting project and the squares reflect on our lives themselves, “A square is made up of individual stitches;  a blanket of many individual squares.  No-one is a blanket on their own.”

Huge kudos to Ms Marais who inspired and motivated her 8C class to produce more than a blanket a person, with a tally of 35 blankets for the class. The school produced 243 blankets - a record!

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