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Inter House Plays

Stevie Hendriksz, a Grade 10 learner, took charge of the Terlinden play for the Inter House play competition this year. She shares her thoughts on the experience here.

The end of April brought to close a month of frantic rehearsal and uncontrollable excitement -on 30 April the Terlinden Inter House Cast and Crew of 2019 filed into the Japie Krige Hall for a first and final full dress and lighting rehearsal. Things had to be done at the event and in the true nature of our school, Rhenishers arrived to help! There was someone for Tuck-shop and someone for Lighting, girls selling tickets and showing people to their seats! I am so grateful for all the help that was offered.

As the Director, the night was understandably stressful.  The backstage crew and I had a few prop issues and some nasty revelations about how much we could realistically carry on and off the stage. Fortunately, through my stress, I had a stage manager (Cara Pritchard) who figured it out and made sure that things would run smoothly. On the other side of the production, my actors were drilling lines and practising vocal warmups and I was worried that my own stress would affect them and the probability of them going out onto stage and having the time of their lives! Luckily, the three lead actors (Jadine Van Wyk, Memie Nana Taki and Bridgett Dreyer) who had all done Productions with me in the past, were calm and with their confidence, I was able to relax enough to realize that this cast was going to do beautifully. We had all worked so hard on this Play that I just knew we would be fine in the end.

Terlinden performed last and until then, we were outside, laughing and finding new ways to warm up.  By the time they had to go on stage, I just knew that they were ready! I went to the technical box at the back of the hall and helped with Lighting cues and I left them to concentrate, watching a play that I had worked so hard on with these girls for the past few weeks actually coming to life was like a breath of fresh air! Everything worked so well and all the weak spots that I thought we would struggle with worked out fine.  It all turned out beautifully.

Leading up to the actual event, I tried to arrange as many rehearsals as possible before they had to go onto stage and perform! It was hard work and I honestly think some of the girls didn’t know what they were signing up for when they gave me their names in the beginning of term two.  I am so proud of them for their commitment and their enthusiasm.

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