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LC Camp 2017

The newly elected Learner Council went off to Worcester for their camp. They returned, unified, tired and excited about the year that lies ahead.

“Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” - Mattie J. T. Stepanek

Last weekend, the newly elected Learner Council for 2017/2018 took their first steps towards achieving this unity.

We began our weekend with a workshop at hostel, led by Ms Conchar, in which we learned about the different leadership styles that each of us possess. Self-awareness is a key to success and during this session we learned about the strengths as well as the weaknesses of each style and how we can help one another improve. It was amazing to see that the strengths of one style perfectly compensated for the weaknesses of others. This confirmed the idea that a team needs to be diverse in leadership approaches in order to thrive. The morning was also spent defining the values that we as individuals live by and then developing a set of values that we as a LC body will be living by.

This year we went to the beautiful High Africa campsite in Worcester. We were led through various physical activities throughout our stay, such as rock climbing. The aim of which was not to see who could get to the top the fastest but instead for us to trust one another and communicate effectively. Firstly, the team members at the bottom had to provide support, advice and motivation to the person climbing and secondly, the person climbing had to listen to their team members and trust that they could see a climbing hold that the climber was unable to see.

We spent hours in the conference centre at the campsite learning more about each other and we connected over the many things we had in common, including a multitude of mosquito bites. The important roles that we will now be playing in the school were explained to us in detail. Our love for Rhenish and eagerness to improve the school in any way we are able to were showcased during our lengthy sessions discussing ideas and strategising for our upcoming term.

Our term of office will be based not on achieving success for ourselves but instead will be focused on how we can significantly impact the lives of Rhenishers in the next year.

On a personal note, I am extremely excited to be working with such an enthusiastic group of leaders. I cannot praise our Deputy Head Girl nearly enough. Ora shone as a natural leader throughout the camp and her loving personality is always shared with everyone.  She has diligently been serving Rhenish since Grade 8 and I am very excited about the path that we will share in the next year.

We hope that the Rhenish community is as ready for the year that lies ahead as we all are!

Kelly Viljoen

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