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Mentor Training 2016

It's 8:00 on a Saturday; the mentor crowd shuffles in. It's at Joostenberg Deli (they serve muffins with jelly) and at half-past we sit and begin.

Miss Conchar, who led the workshop, eased us into the day with an ice-breaker that served to show us that we are all quite different (this was useful, as we are going to be working with many different people). We then took personality tests that would help us to define and explore our leadership styles. The personality types ranged from a “grape” to a “melon”. We are a diverse group of mentors this year: I am proud to say that we were a mixed fruit salad. I, a slightly unsure orange with a strong streak of melon, gained valuable knowledge about how to work well with my fellow mentors through discussions about all of our personalities.

A short break to refresh our minds (and our mouths) led us into the second half of the session.

This time, we started by writing down what the word “mentor” means to us. Ideas were shared and key words were recorded. We also learnt about what we should do when placed in difficult situations, and how and when to ask for help. It was good to get input from teachers who work with Grade 8 and Grade 9 learners as, despite having lived Grade 8 and Grade 9 not so long ago, our development has allowed us to forget what it feels like to be a Grade 8 or Grade 9.

We went on to discuss ourselves. We were told that we must not pour too much of our energy into others as it may deplete our own energy resources. I am grateful that this was mentioned and like to think of the mentors as a group that gives care to those around them and to themselves.

We ended off the session with a yummy lunch. Thank you to Joostenberg Deli for the wonderful catering and venue!

The mentors took a lot from the workshop, and I'm not just talking about food.

Thank you to Miss Conchar and Mrs Belstedt, for your guidance and wisdom.

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