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Top Candidates Assembly

A long standing tradition at Rhenish, the Top Candidates’s Assembly was held on Friday 15 January in the Ebenezer Hall.

Ms Slabber would like personally to apologise for the oversight of one of our Top Candidates at the Top Candidates’ Assembly.  Tyla Ordman is congratulated on her outstanding results:  distinctions in 7 subjects and an average of 85,9%.  The human error that resulted in this oversight does not detract from the immense pride we have in Tyla and in her results and we sincerely apologise to Tyla and her family for this.

The 47 top candidates and their parents are invited to this special event so that the Rhenish community may pay tribute to the hard work, tears and sacrifice that each of these girls made during the course of 2015 to achieve their results and, in so doing, to bring honour to their school.

In congratulating the girls, Ms Slabber had only praise for the entire class of 2015, and for the Top Candidates in particular, and their teachers.

Ms Slabber reminded the girls that life consisted of many chapters and that their school life, while a major phase, was only one of these chapters.  Ms Slabber urged the girls to accept that change was inevitable and advised that each of them could choose how they would face up to the changes they would experience throughout their life.  They have, she said, the opportunity to change with their changing conditions;  to look for the positive possibilities in the changes and challenges they will encounter.

“Face change not with fear, but with curiosity,” she advised.

Rhenish Girls’ High has laid in them a good foundation for the future.  The task for each school leaver is now to skill themselves, to be creative and to be flexible.  “Life may be difficult,” Ms Slabber cautioned, “but make the choice, EVERY DAY, to live your life to the fullest.”

Guest speaker and Old Girl, Monique Malan, also addressed the Top Candidates.  Monique matriculated as our Dux scholar in 2006 and, among other things, distinguished herself with 100% for Mathematics in her final exams.

Identifying herself with these newly matriculated young ladies, Monique acknowledged that many of them may be beset with doubt – about their choice of course for further study, about the direction they wanted now to take with their lives.

In face of this doubt, Monique had four pieces of advice for them:

  • Embrace each chapter remembering that each one is but a step, a beginning.  Throughout each chapter they should apply themselves to what lay before them and equip themselves with skills.  “Don’t fear failure,” she said.
  • Be conscious – irrespective of where you find yourself, live in that particular moment.  There is no failure, you either WIN or LEARN.  So learn from everything, the highs and the lows.
  • Dream big – don’t under-estimate yourself.  You are stronger than you think.
  • Be true to yourself.  Don’t be disappointed if your path begins to wander, rather enjoy the scenery and learn from the choices you make along the way.  There are no bad choices only opportunities to learn – about yourself, about others and about the ever changing world.  “Write your own script,” Monique said.


The Top Candidates assembly is a very special Rhenish tradition.  The acknowledgement granted here is something Rhenishers work towards from the first moment they enter these hallways and we are very proud to welcome the 47 girls from the Class of 2015 to this rather elite group of academic achievers.

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