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Notices & Circulars


Information received from various tertiary institutions for forwarding to the matrics will be posted here. Information regarding open days, requirements, and anything else of relevance

Stellenbosch University

Rhenish Girls' High is one of the top feeder schools to the University of Stellenbosch and thus has a student advisor assigned to us.

Maryke Aspeling is the student advisor at the University of Stellenbosch (US) assigned to Rhenish.

She is available for appointments and/or email communication between Grade 11 and Grade 12 learners and/or their parents. Her email address is: maryke@sun.ac.za

Helpful links for Studies after School

Visit this site to help you determine whether you wish to study further, what you might be interested in studying, where you can study it and whether there is financial assistance available.

The link address is: https://www.gostudy.net/wcrhenish2017

Insights into Post Matric Study Opportunities

The link address is: https://eduone.co.za/

University Application Dates

A useful guide to all SA Universities, their Open Days and closing dates for applications

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Studying in the UK

Join a tour of the Universities in the UK at which you might be interested in studying.

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Africa Career App

If you are interested in looking into studying further in Africa, this app is for you:

The link address is: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=service.career.nam.careerservice


Information regarding the National Benchmark Tests (NBTs) from the WCED

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Message from the WCED

To all candidates of the National Senior Certificate.

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Final Exam Techniques

WCED Exam Techniques - tips and techniques from the WCED as you prepare for your finals. For each individual subject

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Final NSCE timetable

The final timetable for the Grade 12 NSCE is now available.

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Golf Day and Boules Tournament 2021

All the information and the entry form for this year's Golf Day and Boules Tournament.

Golf Day and Boules Day Auction Brochure

Preview the items up for auction at our Golf and Boules Day on 17 September 2021

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Entry Form

Online Entry Form for 2021 Golf Day and Boules Tournament

The link address is: https://forms.gle/KuAv1TzqSdxxtGtq7

September 2021

  Summer Sports Timetable - Term 3 and 4 2022
  NSC Final Exam Timetable

August 2021

  Additional Teaching Sessions - Grade 12
  Tests and SBAs - Term 3 2021
  Covid19 cases - current situation at Rhenish
  Adjusted Level 4 for Rhenish Girls' High
  Prelims and Other Matric Matters
  Preliminary Examination Timetable - 2021

July 2021

Re-Opening of School: Term 3 and Test Series

Arrangements for the start of Term 3

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June 2021

May 2021

  Rhenish 161st Birthday Video
  Test Series Timetable - June/July 2021
  Netball vs Paarl Gym - 12 May (H)
  Sports Results
  Hockey vs Paarl Girls' High 14 - 15 May 2021
  Rhenish vs La Rochelle Girls' (A) Netball

April 2021

  Hockey Fixtures
  Netball Fixtures
  Soccer Fixtures
  Hockey vs Bloemhof 17 April
  Netball vs Bloemhof - 17 April 2021
  Covid Protocols - Home Matches
  End of Term 1 - Letter from Ms Slabber
  Hockey vs Herschel Girls' (H)
  Netball vs Herschel Girls' (H)

March 2021

  Notice of SGB Nomination
  SGB Electronic Election - General Letter
  U16A JK10 Hockey Tournament
  U19A JK10 Hockey Tournament
  Positive Case - Covid-19
  Soccer Trials
  Hockey - Timetable for Training
  Netball Training Timetable
  U16A JK10 Hockey Tournament
  U16A JK10 Hockey Tournament

January 2021

Notices and Circulars for January 2021

Re-Opening of School - February 2021

Notification from Ms Slabber regarding the re-opening of school for the 2021 academic year.

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November 2020

  Test Timetable - Term 4 2020
  Year end Countdown

October 2020

  Notice of SGB AGM
  November Exam Timetable - 2020

September 2020

Ensemble Resumes

Choir, Orchestra and Marimba resume practices - details here.

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June 2020

Wellness Eight Project

When competitive sport is no longer an option, Rhenishers realise the value of looking after their wellness.

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May 2020

  Provisional Staggered Return to School
  RGHS Health and Wellness - Week 4 - 8 May
  General Netball Conditioning Programme
  General Hockey Conditioning Programme
  1st and U16A Netball Conditioning Programme
  1st and U16A Hockey Conditioning Programme
  Grade 12s Returning to School - 1 June 2020
  Health and Safety - Infographic
  Hostel - Health and Safety during Covid19
  LSU - Organise Like a Boss

March 2020

Notices and Circulars for March 2020

Grade 10 Camp 2020

All of the information, rules, directions for 2020 Grade 10 Camp
  Grade 10 Camp - Information and Payments
  Grade 10 Camp - Camp Rules
  Grade 10 Camp - Directions
  Grade 10 - What to bring?

Art Learners - Work for the Extended School Break

Work from PJ Olivier for the art learners

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Corona Virus

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Corona Virus II

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COVID-19 General Information

Issued by the Western Cape Provincial Government

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COVID-19 Travel Advice

Issued by the Western Cape Provincial Government

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Corona Virus III - Extended School Break

Managing the academic programme for the extended school break and a potentially disruptive term 2.

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MEC - Letter re Online Portals

WCED's online portals for elearning resources

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DBE - Channel 122

Online Lessons from the DBE - Programme

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March 2020

Notices and Circulars for the Month of March 2020
  Gerrie Berner Tennis Tournament
  U14A Somerset College Hockey Tournament
  U18 Strand Hockey Festival
  U16 Bloemhof Investec Hockey Tournament

February 2020

  Fixtures - Alex Road Tournament
  Fixtures - Pitcairn Tournament
  Water Polo Fixtures vs Reddam (A)
  Proposed Sport Tours for 2020
  Eisteddfod - Voice
  Dad and Daughter Dance
  4M Programme
  Water Polo vs Wynberg Girls @ Wynberg
  Gerrie Berner Tennis Tournament 2020

January 2020

  Summer Sport Timetable - Term 1 2020
  Athletics - Inter House
  U14 Water Polo Tournament: 14 - 16 February
  Water Polo - 1st Team tour to Knysna
  Choir Tour to Croatia 2020
  Choir 2020
  Water Polo vs Herschel Girls' (A) 24 January
  Grade 8 EMS
  Grade 9 EMS
  Self Defence Workshop -- 22 February 2020
  eBooks - Purchasing
  Water Polo vs Westerford (A)

January 2019

  Standardised Tests and SBAs - Term 1
  Sports Timetable - Term 1
  Water Polo Fixtures vs Wynberg 18 January
  PTA - Upcoming Events
  Water Polo Fixtures - U14A/B Tournament
  Choral Workshop
  Athletics Inter House Programme
  Water Polo Fixtures vs Somerset College
  Water Polo - Pitcairn Tournament U14

February 2019

  Water Polo Fixtures vs Reddam
  Hockey Trials 2019
  Netball Trials 2019
  Synchro Demo

March 2019

  U14A - DF Malan Hockey Tournament
  U18 C - U18B Strand Hockey Tournament
  U18B - York Easter Hockey Festival
  U14A Somerset College Hockey Festival
  Paarl Gymnasium Netball Festival
  Collegiate Tour
  Netball Training Schedule 2019
  Grade 10 Camp

April 2019

  Standardised Tests and SBAs - Timetable
  Hockey and Netball vs Springfield
  Netball - Stellenbosch Festival
  How to purchase your eBooks 2019
  St Stithian's 1st Hockey Tour
  All Girls' Tournament
  Collegiate Tour - Supporters
  Fixtures vs DSG
  Fixtures vs Pearson
  Fixtures vs Collegiate
  Hockey and Netball vs La Rochelle
  Fixtures vs Paarl Gymnasium
  Fixtures vs Somerset College
  Fixtures vs Stellenberg High
  Fixtures vs Paarl Girls' High
  Updated Netball Training Schedule
  UCT Maths Competition
  Mid Year Exam Timetable

May 2019

  Fixtures vs Wynberg Girls' High - 4 May
  Fixtures - Spar Hockey Challenge
  Fixtures - Spar Hockey Challenge Finals
  Exam Training Schedule - Hockey
  Exam Training Schedule - Netball
  Matric Certificates - 2018

June 2019

There are currently no items in this folder.

July 2019

  Winter's Week Fixtures
  Test and SBA Timetable - Term 3 2019
  Matric Prelim Exam Timetable
  Investec All Stars U16 Hockey Tournament

August 2019

  Maths and Science Week
  Orange River 2019

September 2019

Water Polo - Stayers Tournament

Details for the Stayers Tournament @ Somerset College (1st Team)

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October 2019

Water Polo Fixtures vs Somerset College (A)

Fixtures for games on Friday 18 October

Vs Somerset College 18 October 2019.pdf — PDF document, 545 kB (558,188 bytes)

Test Timetable Term 4 2019

Standardised Tests, SBAs and Teaching in Standardised Test Lessons

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Exam Guidelines - November 2019

Guidelines per subject per grade of work to be covered for November exams.

The link address is: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1RnxTKMjqUpZodRIdtvtFJo8EddLrEI8L

November Exam Timetable

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November 2018

October 2018

  Water Polo
  Valedictory 12 October
  Sports Results
  November Exam Timetable

August 2018

  Grade 10 Community Service
  Netball vs Bridge House (A)
  Fixtures vs Rustenburg Girls' High

July 2018

  Term 3 Standardised Test Timetable
  Fixtures - Parel Vallei - 20, 21 July 2018
  Netball - vs Bloemhof
  Hockey - vs Bloemhof (a)
  Final Programme - Winter's Week Programme
  Grade 12 Preliminary Exam - Timetable
  Updated Programme - Winter's Week 27 July
  Santa Shoebox Project 2018
  Fixtures - Hockey vs Worcester Gym

June 2018

  End of Term 2 - Arrangements
  Clanwilliam Netball Tour
  U18 CT International Hockey Tournament
  Clanwilliam Netball Tour
  d6 Connect Application

May 2018

  Exam Guidelines
  Fixtures - Netball vs La Rochelle
  Rhenish vs Paarl Gymnasium (H)
  Fixtures - Springfield Girls'
  Grade 9 Subject Choice Assessment
  Fixtures - Netball vs Luckhoff
  Boland Hockey Training Times - 13 May
  Fixtures - Netball vs HHH
  Fixtures - vs Herschel Girls' High
  Fixtures - Somerset College
  Netball Training - June Exams
  Hockey Training Times - June Exams
  Netball Top Schools Tournament - 25 May
  Netball - Exam training times (U18A + B)
  Grade 11 - Job-Shadowing
  Stellenbosch Municipality Travel Survey

April 2018

  Rustenburg Champion's Cup
  Collegiate Tour - Hosting
  Netball Festival at Stellenbosch High
  Stellenbosch Eisteddfod - Dramatic Arts
  Hockey vs Strand
  Collegiate Derby - Fixtures
  Guidelines for Table Hosting
  Soccer Fixtures 18 - 19 April
  Rustenburg Champion's Cup Fixtures - Hockey
  Rustenburg Champion's Cup Fixtures - Netball
  Exam Timetable - June 2018
  Fixtures vs La Rochelle
  Hockey and Netball vs Paarl Girls'

March 2018

  Fixtures - vs Paarl Gym (17 and 24 March)
  Netball - van der Stel Tournament
  Stellenbosch Eisteddfod - Dramatic Arts
  Soccer - Easter Clinic
  Information for 1st Aid Course
  Term 2 Standardised Test Timetable
  SGB - New Members 2018 - 2020

February 2018

  First Aid Courses - April School Holidays
  Grade 9 Business Simulation
  Assessment Policy
  Water Polo Tour to Alex
  Water Polo U14 Tournament
  Stellenbosch Eisteddfod - Voice
  4M Swimming Sponsorship
  Gerrie Berner Tennis Tournament
  Water Polo - U14 Dave Pitcairn Tournament
  Rhenish News - 16 February 2018
  General Letter regarding SGB Election
  Notice of SGB Election 2018
  Arrangements - 4M
  Grade 9 Workshop
  Karri - How does it Work

January 2018

  Summer Sports Timetable - Term 1 2018
  IT at Paul Roos
  Grade 8 Diagnostic Tests
  Water Polo Fixtures - 26 January 2018
  Water Polo vs Wynberg Girls'
  Choir Camp 2018
  Water Polo - Updated Training Times
  Water Polo vs Herschel Girls' High
  Choir - Announcement
  Grade 10 Camp
  Communication at Rhenish
  Grade 8 Simulation Project
  Standardised Test Time Table - Term 1 2018
  Matric Dance - 2018



December 2018

Water Polo Training and Dates - 2019

Water Polo 2019


Preseason Camp:

Grade 8’s

Saturday 5th Jan 10:30-12:00 at PRG Old Pool

Monday 7th Jan at 10:30-12:00 PRG Old Pool

1st Team

Saturday 5th Jan 08:30-10:30 & 14:00-16:00 at PRG Old Pool

Monday 7th Jan 08:30-10:30 & 14:00-16:00 at PRG Old Pool

Tuesday 8th Jan 10:30-12:00 & & 14:00-16:00 at PRG Old Pool


U16A Team

Saturday 5th Jan 08:30-10:30 & 14:00-16:00 at PRG Old Pool

Monday 7th Jan 08:30-10:30 & 14:00-16:00 at PRG Old Pool

Tuesday 8th Jan 08:30-10:30 & & 14:00-16:00 at PRG Old Pool


1st team Ongoing from Term 4 2018 to Term 1 2019

2nd team (All available u18 girls)

U16a/u16B Trials Wednesday 9th Jan 18:30-19:30 at PRG Old Pool

U14a/u14B Trials Wednesday 9th Jan 15:30-17:30 at Bloemhof pool


Term 1 Training dates and times:

1st team (Waiting for confirmation from Maties still)

Tuesday 06:00-07:00 Swimming PRG Old pool (with u16a)


U16a Waiting for confirmation from Maties still)

Tuesday 06:00-07:00 Swimming PRG Old pool (With 1st team)

2nd and u16B

Mondays and Wednesdays 18:30-19:30 at PRG Old Pool (Start training Monday 14 Jan)

Official training starts Monday 14th Jan 2019


Mondays and Wednesdays 16:30-18:00 at Bloemhof pool

Official training starts Monday 14th Jan 2019

Water Polo vs Westerford (A)

Fixtures for Water Polo vs Westerford 11 October 2019

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November 2019

  School and Hostel Fees 2020
  Grade 12 NSC Re-marks

July 2020

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