Rhodes Scholarship

Rhenish Old Girls who qualify have a very special opportunity to apply for postgraduate study at Oxford University.

In terms of Cecil John Rhodes’s Will, a Scholarship Trust was established in 1902, to enable potential young leaders to study at Oxford. In the Will, five scholarships were specifically awarded to South Africa – one to a student from Natal and one each to four schools: Diocesan College (Bishops), SACS, Stellenbosch Boys’ High School (Paul Roos) and St Andrews (Grahamstown).

In recent years these scholarships have also been made available to women from their partner schools. In the case of Paul Roos, this opened the way to alumnae from Rhenish Girls’ High School and Hoër Meisiesskool Bloemhof.

The scholarship is aimed at outstanding young graduates who excel academically, demonstrate
leadership and are committed to making a difference in the world.

Read more about who should apply for this and how to do so here.

Attend a Virtual Information Session to find out from ex-Rhenish recipients of the Scholarship what it is all about.

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