Rhenish Girls’ High offers many opportunities to excel, both individually and as team members. There is a wide variety of summer and winter sports codes, although girls who play alternative sports off the campus are also encouraged and acknowledged.

The school endorses the idea of a well-rounded and balanced education, with the intention of sending into the world compassionate, understanding and resourceful South African citizens who display a solid work ethic and can contribute positively towards a community. Much of this is achieved through strong extra-mural involvement. Learners acquire important life skills through their participation and commitment: good sportsmanship, camaraderie, leadership, the ability to respond to criticism, friendship, co-operation and a wholesome, healthy outlook.


Rhenish Girls' Aquatics aspires to achieve fitter, healthier and more committed participants. 

For many years Rhenish Girls' High School has had bragging rights as the top swimming school in the Western Cape and a long line of regional, provincial and national learners who have been selected, qualified and have participated in various events across the country and the world.  

Every year we are very fortunate to be able to field a big swimming team for the many galas in which we participate.  We have a few big events that create lots of exciting memories for all Rhenishers.

We participate in the 4M gala – involving the 4 Girls’ schools in the Boland - we have won this competition 13 times and we often win all the trophies at this gala.

Rhenish has a brand new Aquatic Centre which plays host to various leisure, training, and competition groups.

Water Polo

Most of the girls who play Water Polo at Rhenish are new to the sport when they arrive. The interest from the Grade 8s each year helps to grow the sport at Rhenish and increase the depth of talent and the competitiveness of our teams. The players develop the skills needed to play at the national water polo tournament that is held at the end of every year. Most Rhenish girls play for Boland Water Polo, but there is always the option to try out for the Western Province team.               

The water polo girls also go to numerous tournaments throughout the year. The Knysna Chukka Festival and The Alex PE Tour are always highlights on our calendar.  In addition, with our incredible facilities, Rhenish Girls' now also hosts an U14 and U16 Tournament and will host the U18 Top Schools Tournament.  

Link : U19 Super Schools Tournament

Link:  U16 Water Polo Tournament

Link:  U14 Water Polo Festival


Athletics is a popular sport at Rhenish and we have many talented athletes. The girls are proud to compete for their school and, whether on track or field, they work hard to excel.  Practices take place daily after school and before school sometimes in peak season. External coaches - specific to each of the events - ensure that Rhenish athletes have the best possible opportunities to improve.

An important aspect of being on the team is the support we provide each other.  Our biggest team event is 4M – competing against the four Boland girls’ schools – but the athletes also participate in various school athletics competitions.  Many athletes make the Boland and Western Cape teams. 

We have introduced a strength and conditioning programme that runs during the off and pre-season.  The programme consists of two sessions a week and runs from March to October.  Through this hard work and dedication Rhenish athletics aims to become even more of a success in years to come.


"Let the racquet do the talking”.

Tennis is fun, hard work and open to all at Rhenish.  We offer team tennis and social tennis.  Social tennis is for those who play simply for enjoyment – some girls don’t even own a racquet.  Once they start playing though, they develop a love for the game and improve.  Team tennis is for the more competitive and serious tennis player.                                       

We have external coaches who have played and coached competitively themselves.  They work the girls hard while still ensuring that the love for tennis never fades.                                          

We play league tennis (Boland League) and we participate in a number of tournaments – Gerrie Berner Tournament (the toughest school tournament), the Amanda Coetzer Tournament in Bloemfontein, the Eunice Tennis tournament (which we won in 2022) and the Sun City tournament. Not only do we excel in the league and in tournaments, but as individuals, a number of our players make the Boland team and play in ITF tournaments.  In addition, over the years, a number of Rhenishers have gone on to earn scholarships to play tennis at USA colleges.


Hockey requires a combination of highly technical skills, superb fitness levels, significant speed and quick decision making ability – and therefore remains a growing sport within South Africa. 

Since the implementation of our own Rhenish Astro, this growing trend is also reflected at Rhenish with approximately 180 players of various age groups represented in approximately 12 teams. The increased passion and focus is also demonstrated through the appointment of a Head of Hockey and of top coaches who have significantly contributed to, not only the quality of Rhenish hockey, but also the enthusiasm and love for the sport.  

In 2022 Rhenish hockey teams qualified for the Top 12 Tournaments - national tournaments for the top 12 school teams - in all age groups (U14, U16 and U18).

Rhenish Girls' is also the host of the annual U14 Deletek Top 12 Tournament which sees teams from all over South Africa competing on our astro.

Hockey at Rhenish continues to take huge strides.  We have great depth in each of the age groups and a wonderful sense of healthy competition balanced with incredible camaraderie between team mates.

Whether you’d like to push yourself to more competitive levels, simply because you love the game, or whether you are merely doing it to remain fit and healthy, Rhenish Girls’ hockey is an excellent choice.


Rhenish netball is on the rise. Changes that have been introduced over recent years have produced an environment that is not only competitive in nature but, more importantly, where players can develop life skills, social skills and the benefits of being physically active. 

At Rhenish, playing Netball gives girls a sense of belonging and acceptance. Team spirit is just as important as excellence in performance and commitment to the team by every player on that team is vital to its success.  We have recently produced an U18 Boland player as well as an U18 Western Cape player.

Every girl who desires to play will find a home in a  netball team. Here she will make new friends and form tight bonds.

With regular practices, we prepare for our matches against schools in our league. We also take part in many prestigious tournaments, two of the main ones

being "All Girls' Festival" and an annual derby with Collegiate Girls' in Port Elizabeth. Our 'A' sides also compete in the Clanwilliam netball tournament.

Rhenish Netball wants to develop players who are committed to improving the level of play.  Players who recognise that hard work and commitment are key to success.


Soccer is fun-filled, enriching and it offers you an opportunity to develop your character.   A winter sport, summer soccer is offered so that players can improve their skills and prepare for the season. Soccer clinics are offered during the holidays. Practices - fitness, drills  - and matches take place on Monday and Wednesday afternoons.   

Most girls aren’t exposed to soccer at Primary school level and we all develop the skills together. You can either play competitively or socially.

Great emphasis is placed on the holistic development of players, not only as athletes, but as individuals. Through soccer the players are given a safe space where they can exercise, be themselves, make friends, compete and have fun.  In addition, excellent relationships are formed among the players, both on and off the field. The spirit, passion and pride shown is incredible. We compete against other schools who field girls’ teams.

Cross Country

Rhenish is well known for our long distance runners. We have welcomed former South African record holder, Johan Fourie, as the coach and through his knowledge and skills he has had a huge imact on the team which has grown to almost 20 athletes.  The team has shown dedication and enthusiasm.  

To create awareness for cross country we also have an annual inter house cross country race in which the entire school participates. 

"Sport has the power to change the world and it has the power to inspire youth. Sport speaks to them in a language they all understand."

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