The Academic Pillar at Rhenish Girls' High is headed by our Deputy Principal, Dr Rika Kroon.

"Rhenish Girls' High strives to equip our learners for what they have to face now, but also for what they will have to face in the future."

Matric Results

Rhenish Girls' High School has an excellent academic record.  Not only do our Matrics excel in the National Senior Certificate exams, but they go on to excel in tertiary studies.   

The Class of 2023 produced excellent results that reflect their hard work and the dedication of their educators.  

The Class of 2023’s results are praiseworthy:

  • 14 Candidates achieved an average of over 90%
  • 60 Candidates achieved an “A” average – i.e. 43% of the class
  • 97.1% Bachelor’s Pass
  • Top achiever in Mathematics, Quintile 5 Schools and overall top achiever in South Africa - Melissa Müller
  • 492 Subject distinctions, i.e. an average of 3,51 As per candidate


Rhenish Girls' High School follows the CAPS Curriculum.

To find out more about the subjects for the Senior Phase (Grade 10 - 12), the FET Phase, please click here.

To find out more about the subjects for the Junior Phase (Grade 8 and 9), the GET Phase, please click here.

To see Promotion and Progression Requirements, please click here.

Academic Enrichment

To complement the academic programme and to put into practice what they are learning, we encourage the girls to take part in outings and a range of competitions/events, such as:

  • Subject Olympiads - Science, Accounting, English, CAT, Afrikaans, Geography, History
  • UCT Maths Competition
  • Taalbond Examination
  • Science Expos
  • Entrepreneurial Competitions
  • General Knowledge Quizzes
  • Creative Writing Courses
  • Eisteddfods
  • Career Expos
  • Music and Drama Eisteddfods.

Art at PJ Olivier Art Centre

The PJ Olivier Art Centre is situated in the middle of town.  Here art education is offered to all learners on a variety of levels.

Learners in Grades 8 and 9 do the Visual Art component of Creative arts as part of the compulsory learning areas of the Junior Phase at the art centre. We expose learners to a variety of art techniques and begin to teach them how to look at and analyse the different types of art forms that one can encounter in this technological 21st century.  

The Grade 8 and 9 learners can also take Art as their Enrichment Choice subject. During these lessons learners do larger and more intensive projects that expose them to the different art forms that may be taken as subjects in the FET phase in Grades 10 to 12.

In Grade 10 learners may choose Art as a subject to take through to matric. In Art there are two directions provided - Design and Visual Art. Design presents learners with a subject that is focused on the production of products that are functional and that have aesthetic value. Visual Arts is about self-expression and offers learners a way to engage meaningfully with, and respond to their world.

Both subjects have a practical and theoretical component. For the final matric examination learners are required to do a practical artwork, set up an exhibition that shows an overview of their progress in Grades 11 and 12 and write a three hour theoretical exam during which their skills in visual literacy are tested.

Rhenishers have a proud history of excellence in the work they do at the P J Olivier Centre for Art.

Contact the art centre here:  PJ OLIVIER

Learner Support Unit

Rhenish Girls’ High School’s Learner Support Unit (LSU) currently consists of a full-time counselling psychologist (Ms Lauren Conchar), educational psychologist (Mrs Almarie Nel), and academic support teacher (Mrs Christelle Pretorius) who are overseen by the Deputy Principal (Dr Rika Kroon).

Academic Learner Support

This arm of the LSU, headed by Mrs Christelle Pretorius, focuses on providing much needed support such as subject-specific assistance, soft skills like study methods and crucial underlying thinking skills.

Academic excellence at Rhenish is built on a foundation of individual support where we try to see the needs of every learner and put help in place.

Emotional Support

The emotional well-being of all Rhenishers is of paramount importance and Rhenish has two full time psychologists who steer this arm of the LSU. Ms Lauren Conchar (a counselling psychologist) and Mrs Nel (an educational psychologist) have some 18 years of experience in the field of educational psychology between them.

Emotional and academic support is available to all our learners. Learners and parents are welcome to make an appointment to see one of the support professionals, either by coming past their offices, or by emailing them.

Ms Conchar

Mrs Nel

Mrs Pretorius


Assistance is given to learners who have been identified as possibly having some form of a learning barrier, such as a reading problem, dyslexia or any other learning barrier identified by the WCED as a possible reason for a concession during tests and examinations to ensure that the learner is not disadvantaged.

A very detailed process according to specifications from the Department is followed. The following requirements should be adhered to in the case of a suspected learning difficulty:

  • Outside professional assessment/report
  • Collateral information proving history of the difficulty
  • Completed documentation (provided by the school)
  • Proof of previous intervention


Rhenish Girls' High is a leader in the field of eLearning.

Our eLearning journey began in 2015 and the teachers have really made huge strides in leveraging the Learning Management System (GoogleClass and ITSI).  Class presentations are delivered from these learning platforms, homework is scheduled, tests and assignments are scheduled and performed from here.

Initially, this was delivered using tablets as the medium but from 2023 we are introducing keyboard devices.  

eDevices and Required Specs - Recommendation

NSC Exams

Once a candidate has received her final results, there are a number of avenues to explore should she wish to query her results, request a re-mark, a review or a rewrite.

The process can be understood by consulting this document from the DBE.

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