Matric Results

Rhenish Girls' High School has an excellent academic record.  Not only do our Matrics excel in the National Senior Certificate exams, but they go on to excel in tertiary studies.   

The Class of 2022 produced excellent results that reflect their hard work and the dedication of their educators.  

The Class of 2022’s results are praiseworthy:

  • 64 A Candidates - i.e. 45,7% of the class of 140 learners achieved an A average
  • 48 B Candidates - i,e. 80% of the class of 140 learners passed with a B or higher average
  • 13 Candidates achieved an average of over 90%
  • 521 Subject Distinctions – i.e. an average of 3,7 As per candidate
  • 99,3% Bachelor's Pass - this pass qualifies a learner to study at a tertiary institution

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