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WCED Grade 8 Applications:

Admissions for grade 8 open on 11 March 2024 and close on 12 April 2024

For more information about the WCED application process, please click here

The Expression Of Interest Form is available here 

Grade 9 - 11 Applications
Please complete the application form here and submit it with all supporting documents to


School Fees for 2024 are R47 200 per annum + a compulsory security levy of R1 260 (Total:  R48 460)

The following payment options are available:
  • School
    • Single upfront payment with a 4% discount – this option is only valid if payment is received on or before 29 February 2024: R46 572 (R47 200 less an early payment discount of R1 888 + security levy of R1 260)
    • Four quarterly payments payable on the first day of each term: R12 115
    • Grade 8 – 11: Ten monthly debit order/EFT instalments by the last day of each month from January to October (R4 846 x 10)
    • Grade 12: Nine monthly debit order/EFT instalments by the last day of each month from January to September (8 monthly instalments of R5 385 & final instalment of R5 380)

  • Hostel
    • Single upfront payment with a 4% discount – this option is only valid if payment is received on or before 29 February 2024: R51 600 (R53 750 less an early payment discount of R2 150)
    • Four quarterly payments payable on the first day of each term: R13 437.50
    • Grade 8 – 11: Ten monthly Debit Order instalments of R5 375
    • Grade 12: Eight monthly Debit Order instalments of R5 970 and a final instalment of R5 990

As an eLearning school, Rhenish Girls’ strives to remain relevant in the face of the fast changing educational landscape. Rhenish Girls’ has been on the forefront of integrating technology into our teaching and learning. Devices are being used alongside the more familiar resources such as textbooks and exercise books. No device can ever replace a teacher, however, technology allows learners to take a more active role in their learning while at the same time developing the necessary technical skills that are so important in our ever-evolving world. From 2023, we are phasing in the use of Chromebooks.

2024 e-devices preferred devices and required specs

Chromebooks can be bought from the dedicated Rhenish Chrome Store

School Uniform:
Our uniform embodies our shared values and unity, symbolising pride and commitment to excellence.

Elegance and Sophistication:
Our uniform in classic navy blue and white radiates timeless elegance and fosters a sense of belonging within our school community.

Seasonal Variation:
We offer both summer and winter uniforms to ensure comfort and practicality year-round. The PE clothing remains consistent throughout the seasons.

Commitment to Respect:
Students are expected to proudly wear their uniform while travelling to and from school, during school hours, and during school-related activities outside regular hours.

Adherence to Guidelines:
To uphold the integrity of our uniform, all students must adhere to the school's uniform rules and regulations.

Rhenish Shop is in the main quad of Rhenish Girls’ High School, and has been operational since October 2023. Supported by the PTA, it has experienced substantial and organic growth since its inception.
Optionally the uniforms are also available at De Jagers in Eikestad Mall, Stellenbosch.

What Rhenish Uniform Shop offers:
Dedicated to offering improved pricing and convenience, our uniform shop ensures you benefit from good value and ease of access on school grounds.
School Uniform: This includes all relevant garments for daily wear and additional school items.
Sport Uniform: Providing suitable uniforms for physical education and sporting activities.
Second-hand Items: Donated by the school community, these items are sold at affordable prices, contributing to sustainability and assisting our school community.
Supporter Gear: Offering a beautiful range of items for students and supporters. Kindly note that supporter gear is not permitted as part of the school uniform for students.
Continuous Stock Availability: We strive to maintain sufficient stock levels and ensure regular replenishment, offering a consistent selection.
Shopping Experience: Visit our shop during open shop hours to explore our offerings. Currently, the shop is open on Tuesdays from 12:00 to 14:00 and on Fridays from break time until 13:00. Additionally, we are open two Saturdays per month; the schedule is shared via Whatsapp groups. For confirmation or further inquiries, please contact the Rhenish Shop at
Cashless Transactions: We accept card payments for your convenience.
Student Accessibility: Students often visit the shop during breaks on relevant days, allowing them to try on garments and make purchases themselves.

Community Impact:
Initiated by the PTA, the shop originated with a focus on second-hand uniform donations. These items are sold at affordable prices, reducing environmental impact and supporting the Rhenish community. Sales from donated items assist the PTA in school projects. Outgoing Matrics generously donate to our shop, further contributing to the shop's mission and the school community's well-being.

Sport Uniform:
Rhenish Girls' High School offers various sports, each with its own uniform items tailored to different activities. The specific uniform required will depend on the sport in question. As our Rhenish Shop expands its offerings, we gradually stock specific items for various sports sections. For inquiries regarding sport uniforms, we recommend consulting with the relevant sport department or contacting the Uniform Shop/De Jagers for guidance at this time.

For assistance with designated sports areas, please contact the head of sport directly.
For further assistance, you can contact the Rhenish Shop via email at or via WhatsApp.

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