Media Services

Media Services includes photography as well as other forms of electronic media such as videography.

This truly is a service portfolio that asks countless hours from its members as they document the activities of Rhenish. If there is something happening at school, be it sport, culture, academic or general functions, there’s a photographer on hand snapping away.  The photos that are taken serve a present purpose - they are used on Facebook, Instagram, in newsletters, in the yearbook and in other publications throughout the year. However, it is not only about the present - the photos also document moments that become part of our rich history. In the future Rhenishers will be able to look back and see what our school in the 21st century and this will have been made possible by the dedication of the members of Rhenish Media Services.

As much as Media Services is a service activity, it is also one where our Rhenishers can enjoy their talent and hone their skills. 

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