The purpose of the Trust is to raise and obtain funds in order to give effect to the objectives of the Trust. These objectives are:

  1. To help sustain long term growth and development of Rhenish Girls’ High School and, at the discretion of the Trustees, provide support to similar educational endeavours. 
  2. To take all necessary steps to give effect to the objectives of Rhenish Girls’ High School. 

All donations made to the Trust are irrevocable and unconditional. 
Specific capital bequests received by the Trust are administered in accordance with the wishes of those who made the bequests.

Since 2015, the Ebenezer 150 Trust has provided loans and grants towards school infrastructure and bursaries.

Current Trustees:

  • Deborah (Stirling) Flannery - Old Girl 1989, CA (SA) MBA
  • Grant Hobbs - CA (SA) MBA


Donations can be once-off, recurring and/or via testamentary bequeaths

The Ebenezer 150 Trust
IT 138/2006
First National Bank
Account number 62485456050
Branch code: 250655
Branch address: 29 Plein Street, Stellenbosch, 7600, South Africa

Contact us to request your S18A certificate or if you have any questions.


What is currently challenging the long term growth and development of Rhenish Girls’ High School?
A combination of decreasing government financial support towards teacher salaries, no government financial support towards the upkeep of the school, and a difficult economic environment which means school fee exemption applications are increasing in spite of keeping school fee increases as low as possible.

How can I help? 
By making a financial contribution to the Ebenezer 150 Trust. Your monthly and/or once-off donation will help sustain and secure the future of academic excellence at Rhenish Girls’ High School.

What is the money in the Trust used for?
The Ebenezer 150 Trust provides financial assistance in the form of both grants and loans. Examples include support towards the costs of the hockey Astro and lights (2015), resurfacing the tennis courts (2016), and the aquatic centre (2020). In addition, financial support is provided to deserving current learners identified by the school on an annual basis.

What is the minimum amount I can donate?
You can donate as little or as much as you wish. You can donate a once-off amount, or make a regular monthly donation. Tip: use the online banking “recurring payment” functionality. Contact us if you’d like some help. 

Is my contribution tax deductible? Can you issue a S18A certificate for my donation?
Yes. Once you’ve made the payment (banking details above), please complete the form and we will get back to you.

Can I leave money to the Ebenezer 150 Trust in my will?
Yes. This is an excellent way to leave a lasting legacy and to ensure the future excellence of Rhenish Girls’ High School. You can make the Trust a beneficiary in your will by bequeathing cash, shares or any other form of property to the Ebenezer 150 Trust. Because the Trust is a Public Benefit Organization, the full Rand value is tax deductible and can reduce your South African estate duty liability significantly. Any assets bequeathed to the Ebenezer 150 Trust are also not subject to capital gains tax. Simply add a codicil to an existing will, or draw up a new will. An example of wording that you can use would be eg “I hereby bequeath the amount of .................. to the Ebenezer 150 Trust Reg No IT138/2006, Koch Street, Krigeville, Stellenbosch 7600.” Or fill in this form and we will get back to you.

Can I donate money for something very specific?
Yes. Funds donated for a specific purpose are ring fenced and used only for that purpose.  

I was at Rhenish. Do you have an alumnae association that I can join?
Yes! Click here for more information. Once a Rhenisher, always a Rhenisher. 

Got any other questions? Contact the Trustees

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