Rhenish Girls' High School is a top performing school in South Africa.  Aside from academic excellence, we also strongly believe in inclusivity and diversity and we welcome investment in our learners to ensure that they achieve their best possible results.

We also have a vibrant and talented Cultural programme at Rhenish Girls' High School.

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Rhenish Girls' High School has a proud tradition in the swimming pool. Our swimmers have successfully competed at regional and national level with some going on to compete at a junior and senior SA level too.

Whether it is swimming or water polo, we strive to be up there with the best consistently.

To get there we need to keep up with trends in school aquatic sports; we need to set a bench mark so we can grow the game and enhance the Rhenish water polo and swimming culture. Both within the Western Cape and on a National level, we compete against public and private schools and, especially the private schools, have deep pockets from which to enhance and grow their resources.

To remain truly competitive, it is vital for us to have partners who are able to share in our passion, our commitment and our vision for the next few years. We want this partner to help us reach our goals and to add value to the aquatic facility and the aquatic sports at Rhenish.

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Hockey at Rhenish has been on the rise since the establishment of our Astro in 2014 and our indoor facility in 2019. Our teams - in terms of depth and performance - have improved year-on-year.

In 2022 Rhenish Hockey teams managed to qualify for the prestigious Top 12 Tournaments in all three age groups - U14A, U16A and U18A. To participate in a national tournament at this level is no mean feat.

As we look to the future, the intention is to grow the sport through all age groups and teams so that these kind of achievements become standard for Rhenish Girls' High.

Come on board as a sponsor and share in our success.

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Rhenish Girls' High School is host to a number of prestigious tournaments every year.  Partnering with us for one of these tournaments will give your business excellent brand exposure.  

U14 Top 12 Hockey Tournament - Sponsorship Proposal

A National Tournament featuring the top 12 girls' school hockey teams from across South Africa.

U19 Top 12 Water Polo Tournament

A National Tournament featuring the top 12 girls' school water polo teams from across South Africa.

U16 Water Polo Tournament

U14 Water Polo Festival

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