Rhenish Girls' Aquatics aspires to achieve fitter, healthier and more committed participants. 

For many years Rhenish Girls' High School has had bragging rights as the top swimming school in the Western Cape and a long line of regional, provincial and national learners who have been selected, qualified and have participated in various events across the country and the world.  

Every year we are very fortunate to be able to field a big swimming team for the many galas in which we participate.  We have a few big events that create lots of exciting memories for all Rhenishers.

We participate in the 4M gala – involving the 4 Girls’ schools in the Boland - we have won this competition 13 times and we often win all the trophies at this gala.

Rhenish has a brand new Aquatic Centre which plays host to various leisure, training, and competition groups.

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