Hockey requires a combination of highly technical skills, superb fitness levels, significant speed and quick decision making ability – and therefore remains a growing sport within South Africa. 

Since the implementation of our own Rhenish Astro, this growing trend is also reflected at Rhenish with approximately 180 players of various age groups represented in approximately 12 teams. The increased passion and focus is also demonstrated through the appointment of a Head of Hockey and of top coaches who have significantly contributed to, not only the quality of Rhenish hockey, but also the enthusiasm and love for the sport.  

In 2022 Rhenish hockey teams qualified for the Top 12 Tournaments - national tournaments for the top 12 school teams - in all age groups (U14, U16 and U18).

Rhenish Girls' is also the host of the annual U14 Deletek Top 12 Tournament which sees teams from all over South Africa competing on our astro.

Hockey at Rhenish continues to take huge strides.  We have great depth in each of the age groups and a wonderful sense of healthy competition balanced with incredible camaraderie between team mates.

Whether you’d like to push yourself to more competitive levels, simply because you love the game, or whether you are merely doing it to remain fit and healthy, Rhenish Girls’ hockey is an excellent choice.

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