"Let the racquet do the talking”.

Tennis is fun, hard work and open to all at Rhenish.  We offer team tennis and social tennis.  Social tennis is for those who play simply for enjoyment – some girls don’t even own a racquet.  Once they start playing though, they develop a love for the game and improve.  Team tennis is for the more competitive and serious tennis player.                                       

We have external coaches who have played and coached competitively themselves.  They work the girls hard while still ensuring that the love for tennis never fades.                                          

We play league tennis (Boland League) and we participate in a number of tournaments – Gerrie Berner Tournament (the toughest school tournament), the Amanda Coetzer Tournament in Bloemfontein, the Eunice Tennis tournament (which we won in 2022) and the Sun City tournament. Not only do we excel in the league and in tournaments, but as individuals, a number of our players make the Boland team and play in ITF tournaments.  In addition, over the years, a number of Rhenishers have gone on to earn scholarships to play tennis at USA colleges.

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