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Our Head of Culture is Mr Leon Piron. He can be contacted on leon.piron@rhenish.co.za Rhenish Girls' High School believes in a well-rounded and balanced education. Strong extra-curricular involvement, whether cultural, service-oriented or sporting, forms an important part of this balance. Achievement in Cultural activities is recognised at the annual Cultural and Service Awards evening held in the third term.


Teacher in Charge:  Mrs Sonja van Amstel
Head of Senior Choir:
Practice Days:  Tuesday (and any additional practices required for performance)
Time:  14:30 - 16:00
Where:  Junior Choir - Ebenezer Hall;  Senior Choir - Old Hall

The last seven years has seen the Rhenish choir grow exponentially in numbers. It is rather with gratitude than with pride that one can tribute this success to the passion and dedication of those steering this musical entourage.

When the choir grew to number over a hundred girls, a need was identified for a second choir and the choirs were split into a Senior Choir and a Junior Choir.

The choirs perform throughout the year.  They have fixed performances - the Rhenish Concert in the Garden (March), the Prestige Concert in the Endler Hall (May), A Choral Celebration (August) and the Thanks Giving Service (November) - and they participate in the Eisteddfod, the Paul Roos Bekoor evening and the Stellenbosch High School's Awesome Foursome evening.  The choir is also called upon to sing at school events like Open Day (March), school assemblies and any special school occasions (our birthday or an opening of facilities).

The therapeutic value of singing in a large group can never be underestimated, not to mention the positive spirit and commeraderie amongst the girls. Proof of the pudding is in the eating: numerous past choir members have recognised this value after having left the school and we are encouraged to hear the positive feedback.


Want to give your child a mental advantage? Music can do that. "Music simply stimulates parts of the brain that are related to reading, math, and emotional development."

Making music with lots of other people is tremendously rewarding and very therapeutic. No matter how bad your day at school has been, you’ll soon forget about your troubles once you’re sitting down in front of your music and throwing yourself into a performance. Playing in an orchestra is an incredibly intellectually demanding exercise, and one that must command your full attention. It’s a great way of forgetting about schoolwork for a while, at the same time as still making use of (and developing) different areas of your brain.

"Socially, children who become involved in a musical group or ensemble learn important life skills, such as how to relate to others, how to work as a team and appreciate the rewards that come from working together, and the development of leadership skills and discipline," says Maestro Eduardo Marturet, who also oversees the MISO Young Artist program in South Florida.

The Rhenish Orchestra consists of many musicians - from woodwind players, string, brass, and percussion instruments. Auditions are held in the beginning of the year and players from different grades in music can audition and do not need to take music as a subject to be part of the orchestra.

Our activities for the year include orchestra camp, eisteddfods, music concerts, Open Day and many other events at the school.

The orchestra practises for an hour and a half, every Thursday afternoon.  Additional practices occur around performances.


Rhenish has two marimba bands - Ziyakhipa and Masikhulisane. Under the guidance of our new coach and ex-Rhenisher Lusi Seasanti, and with the support and guidance of our wonderful liaison teacher, Ms Linda de Villiers, the marimba bands have many opportunities to experience the joy of playing, and playing well.

The marimba bands practice in the early mornings – at 6:30am – but the early morning practices pay off as both marimba bands enjoy deafening applause from audiences at their performances. Annual school events at which both bands played include Rhenish’s birthday and the prestigious Rhenish Schools’ Prestige Concert at the Endler Hall at the University of Stellenbosch’s Conservatorium.  The Ziyakhipa marimba band also play at the Rhenish Open Day and the Cultural and Service Awards Evening.

2016 was a year of great exposure for the Rhenish Marimba bands. A German gentleman invited the Ziyakhipa band to play at his wife’s 60th birthday celebration. The occasion took place at the lovely Zorgvliet wine farm and the girls thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

The Ziyakhipa marimba band also had the privilege of playing at the first ever docking of the Logos Hope ship in Cape Town at the V&A waterfront. The Marimbas also perform at the annual Golf Day in the fourth term.


Teacher in Charge: Ms Tascha Gagiano

Captain: Anja Oosthuizen
Vice Captain: Danel Adendorff

Rhenish Girls' High offers excellent Debating coaching by Claire Rankin, a member of the Stellenbosch University Debating Society.  This affords learners an opportunity to improve their critical thinking skills, verbal eloquence and confidence.

The interest in debating is such that we are able to field two excellent senior and two strong junior teams.

Girls compete in the Boland School League Debating and can go on to represent the school at regional, and even national, level. The school also participates at the National All Girls' Fesitival and in friendly matches against neighbouring schools.


Teacher in Charge:  Mrs Nonkosi Jikela
Chairperson: Masimange Sesanti
Vice Chair: Chwayita Mzozoyana
Meets:  once a week

Siyaphambili seeks to unite all groups, allowing us to embrace one another's culture.  It is a society aimed at enhancing understanding and appreciation of the cultures of all Rhenishers.  

We have among our group poets, contempory dancers, hip hop dancers and traditional dancers.

We interact with similar societies at different schools, inviting them to perform at our annual cultural evening and, in turn, performing at many of theirs.  

Hip Hop Dancers


Liaison:  Mr Carl Potgieter
Chairperson:  Rahmah Darries

The Chess club was established in 2010.  Since then, Rhenish chess players have reached top ranks within local and national tournaments where our skilled mentalists have earned spots in the top 5 for more than two conseutive years.  

The chess team represents the school at the National All Girls' School Festival.

The players have won and lost many a game with grace, enthusiasm and energising spirit and practices are sessions where they sharpen their weapons of logic and strategy.

Model United Nations Debating

Teacher in Charge:  Ms Tarryn Harbour
Head:  Simphiwi Masilo
Deputy Head:  Masi Sesanti

In South Africa’s current political climate, indeed in the world’s political climate, it has become increasingly necessary to be aware of current affairs and dynamics. Rhenish’s Model United Nations (MUN) society provides the ideal platform for this knowledge by being both a source of information, and a space for debate.

The society has grown exponentially and it now sports a total of five members who have been to Johannesburg representing Rhenish’s MUN. This trip encompassed a week-long conference where declarations were drawn up, important hands were shaken and landmarks visited.

These conferences and opportunities have also been offered on a local scale. Each year, the society participates in approximately four major conferences during the 3rd and 4th term. Here, each team is assigned a country and tasked with arguing a motion in line with the policies of this nation.  MUN is an academic simulation of United Nations rules and procedures and a deeper insight into topical international issues and how they are being dealt with by different countries is fostered through this means of debating. 

This we have mastered with a degree of understanding and maturity which we can proudly claim to have learnt from both the MUN society and from Rhenish as a whole.

Public Speaking

Teacher in Charge:  Mrs Michele Carroll

Public Speaking at Rhenish is a platform that allows learners to express their opinions in an environment where their opinions are given the respect embodied in the "Right to Freedom of Expression" entrenched in our constitution.  They are encouraged to develop their thoughts and knowledge on a wide range of topics and in various forms of public speaking.

The opportunity to speak on a public platform enhances the learner's confidence and provides her with a valuable life skill.

The girls participate in the WCED Public Speaking competition, the Strand Rotary Orators' Competition, Poetry for Life and the Stellenbosch Eisteddfod.


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